It is a known fact that listening to music activates more areas of the brain than anything else we humans do. Music is in our genes, our systems entrain to the rhythm which can organize our bodies and minds. Emotion, memory, creativity, imagery – all can be evoked.  Not to mention pleasure, bliss, dopamine.

Our brains are forever growing and changing, sculpted by thoughts, feelings, and experience. They are highly suggestible. The mind is more mysterious, processing information and energy from the body and beyond, sometimes far beyond.

DANCE YOUR ONE WONDROUS LIFE™ is a form of self-directed neuroplasticity*, setting the brain to the monomyth** of the Hero’s Journey. We suggest a Quest and you do the rest, exploring and celebrating how music and movement changes your state of being!


* The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural pathways
** Basic pattern found in mythic narratives from different times and regions of the world