BB Borowitz is a dance mystic on a mission – to provide a freeform dance experience where insight, discovery and transcendence can all take place. 

Dance1Born and raised in Kentucky, BB had a spiritual experience at three that made her ‘see things differently.’ Music was a godsend in her life and her musical taste was shaped listening to a child prodigy, her cousin who played the piano and took her breath away.

Dance came mysteriously in the south of Turkey. When her travel mate who was a dancer died, suddenly BB felt compelled to dance, something she had never done before. The gift has lasted a lifetime.

It was in San Francisco  when she first heard African music from Nigeria that her life took a turn. The drums sounded like a long lost language and she began studying African dance and the Yoruba tradition. Ashkenaz, the renowned Berkeley world music dance center, was her dance floor and later, she became a founding director.

At heart, BB is a teacher, student and activist. MA Stanford trained, she’s lived and taught in Mexico, England, Turkey and Greece, where she founded a school on the island of Paros. Her lifelong commitment to health and well-being led to the study of orthodox Hatha yoga and Ayurveda with one of the great yogis of the last century. His greatest teaching: Food is medicine. Movement is medicine.

Also under BB’s belt, fitness instructor, long distance bicyclist, African dance teacher for seniors, creator of ‘Let’s Connect! African Dance, Rhythm & the Brain’ workshops for elders. (link)

So why One Wondrous™?

When bicycling mentor and activist Alex Zuckerman had a near fatal accident that left him in a coma, BB invited fellow cyclists to gather weekly at his bedside to dance to his beloved Motown music. When Alex awakened, BB expanded the program to everyone in the nursing center.

Seeing the dramatic changes in people’s states of being, how they came alive with music, inspired her to begin exploring music and the brain. The research in neuroscience over the last couple decades supports the extraordinary benefits of listening to music. BB’s contribution to this field is to link those benefits with movement and dance.

Dance Your One Wondrous Life™ brings it all to the dance floor!